All Round Plastic Protectant

Internal and external plastic treatment

All Round Plastic Protectant

Trattamento plastiche interne ed esterne

  • Indicato per tutte le plastiche dell’auto sia interne che esterne.
  • Satura il colore originale delle parti trattate, senza lucidarle.
  • Resistente alle macchie: respinge l’acqua e lo sporco in generale: la superficie richiederà meno pulizia e manterrà nel tempo un aspetto come nuovo.
  • Blocca efficacemente i raggi ultravioletti (Anti-UV Technology™) che causano scolorimento e invecchiamento precoce.
  • Previene sbiancamenti e screpolature.
  • Versatile: si può ottenere la finitura desiderata in base alla diluzione scelta.
  • A base d’acqua, con pH neutro.
  • Non unge.

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all round plastic protectant

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All Round Plastic Protectant is a treatment indicated for internal and external plastics which saturates the original color of the treated parts, without polishing them. The product effectively blocks ultraviolet rays (Anti-UV Technology™) which cause discoloration and premature ageing. All Round Plastic Protectant prevents whitening and cracking and is versatile, you can get the desired finish based on the chosen dilution. Stain resistant product: repels water and dirt in general: the surface will require less cleaning and will maintain a like-new appearance over time.

Method of use

All Round Plastic Protectant is very versatile, and lends itself to different types of use for both internal and external plastics.
Before using it, get the following material:

A graduated bottle

To dispense the solution in the desired dilution

Microfibre cloths

Quality, dry and clean

A microfiber applicator pad

Prima del trattamento di parti in plastica e gomma esterne, lavare la superficie con APC ed asciugare con un panno in microfibra pulito.

Follow the following dilutions depending on the operation you need to perform.
Fill the graduated bottle with plain water up to the mark indicating the desired dilution, and then simply add the product up to the fill mark.

For treating whitened and time-worn external plastics, use “All Round Plastic Protectant” pure.

For faded interior plastics in the passenger compartment, dilute the product 1: 1 (1 part of product and 1 part of water). To obtain a natural effect, dilute the product 1: 2 (1 part of product and 2 parts of water).

To obtain a homogeneous effect, we recommend to dispense the solution directly on a cloth or a microfiber applicator and spread it on the surface to be treated. Finally, wipe it off with a clean and dry microfiber cloth.


The door plastics are among the most “stressed” because it is a surface that often comes into contact with the outside. Furthermore, by allowing us access to the vehicle, it is among the parts that we touch most. Like the dashboard, they suffer the aggression of the sun, which fades them with ultraviolet rays, but also mineral residues caused by raindrops that dry on the surface. 

Proceed by dispensing the product on a microfiber applicator pad: you will have better control of the spreading, and you will be able to distribute the product more evenly.

I advise you to work small areas at a time, for better control of the spreading of the product over the entire treated surface.

Wipe with a clean, dry microfiber cloth for a perfect finish.

The result will be a full color, which is not polished but saturated. That is, it appears deeper and revitalized, with an always natural look, like new, regardless of the color.
A real dressing that not only drastically improves the appearance of the plastics but protects them for a long time by sealing the micro-pores of the plastics, preserving their original color and protecting it from contamination to which they are subjected in daily use.

On surfaces subject to high stress, such as for example the door sills or the engine fairings and the shoulder of the tires, use the PURE product: it is also perfect for rubber parts.

We often forget, but it is also important to protect the seals to keep them soft and elastic: they will look like new and remain soft for a long time, also avoiding annoying creaks.

It is essential to protect the shoulder of tires that are heavily stressed and exposed to road dirt and all kinds of contamination, from iron oxide to salts, such as salt or road salts, in winter.

In fact, the tires are the car’s only contact point on the ground, and their shoulder undergoes a lot of stresses in motion. It is therefore important to ensure that it always remains elastic to avoid cracking and premature aging

The use of All Round Plastic Protectant is recommended above all in the change of season, when storing tires: we will preserve them by keeping them longer over time.
In fact, tires age and deteriorate even when they remain stationary: proper storage will preserve them and keep them longer over time.

Before its application, it is important to carefully remove the previous polish (if present) with Wheel & Tire Cleaner to thoroughly purify the surface and facilitate the adhesion of the new protective which will last even longer.

With All Round Plastic Protectant, you can get a perfect result and at the same time the finish you want: in just one step the tire will be protected and will look like new.

With a second pass, the color will be more saturated and intense.

For engine compartment plastics that are subject to high thermal stress, using All Round Plastic Protectant will allow you to protect them and prevent them from cracking and whitening.

Also in this case, before its drafting, proceed to a thorough cleaning with APC,
by removing all the dirt, we will free the micro-pores of the material and allow the protective one to adhere better, without damaging safety labels and color markers.

We summarize the recommended dilutions specifying that in all dilutions the UV protection remains unchanged:


To revive the coloring of bleached and worn plastics


dilution 1:1
(1 part of product and 1 part of water)
To restore the original color of faded and opaque internal plastics


dilution 1:2
(one part of product and 2 of water)

all round plastic protectant

Price: 15,15 €

secure payments

free shipping

For purchases equal to or greater than 79,90 €
otherwise the shipping cost is 6,50 €

video tutorial

In these videos, our Trainer will help you step by step to learn about all the features and applications of our products, to keep you updated on the rules to follow for have a perfect car and make the most of the potential of Maniac Line.

Helpful tips for washing the interior

  • Empty the car

    Empty all items and personal belongings from inside the car and put them aside in a bag.

  • Move on to the mats

    Take the mats out of the car and vacuum and clean or wash them.

  • Seats and trunk

    Thoroughly vacuum the seats and trunk, while paying attention to all the less accessible areas where dirt and dust deposit.

  • Use specific cleaners and cloths

    Clean the different materials with a specific cleaner and soft, clean microfibre cloths.

  • End with the windows

    Always use a specific product and two microfibre cloths to clean the windows, one to clean the surface and remove dirt and the other to finish and prevent marks from forming.

Questions & Answers


When used undiluted on external plastic parts, it revives and saturates the colour, without creating shimmer or a glossy effect.
Diluted in a ratio of 1:1 (1 part product to 1 part water) on interior plastic parts, it creates a natural, even finish.

Yes, it does not contain silicones, but valuable polymers, which make the surface waterproof and protect it from UV rays.

All Round Plastic Protectant contains no silicones, it leaves no shiny finish, and it does not attract dust, and thus leaves a natural, even finish.

It makes the tyres look like new.

It depends. For weekly maintenance cleaning you can use it directly on plastic diluted to 1:1 (1 part product and 1 part water).
For extraordinary cleaning, you must first thoroughly clean the plastic parts with APC or Interior Cleaner Purifier, dry them with a microfibre cloth and then apply the All Round Plastic Protectant.

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all round plastic protectant

Price: 15,15 €

secure payments

free shipping

For purchases equal to or greater than 79,90 €
otherwise the shipping cost is 6,50 €

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