Interior Cleaner Purifier

Car interior cleaner

Interior Cleaner Purifier

Pulitore abitacoli auto

  • Pulitore abitacolo sicuro ed efficacie: penetra lo sporco dissolvendolo senza lasciare aloni.
  • Ha superato i severi test virucidi • UNI EN 14476 e severi test battericidi • UNI EN 1276 • UNI EN 1369.
  • Tecnologia Odor Stop che neutralizza istantaneamente gli odori sgradevoli.
  • Il prodotto ha superato i severi test internazionali di attività virucida e battericida  effettuati presso laboratori esterni indipendenti accreditati ISO 17025:2005.
  • Non stressa le fibre ma le ammorbidisce, ravviva i colori e non disidrata la pelle, lascia una finitura omogenea senza aloni su materiali plastici.
  • Ideale per auto moderne dove vi è presenza di abbinamento di diversi materiali come pelle, microfibra, allumino e carbonio.
  • Elimina definitivamente sporchi misti difficili come macchie che inglobano residui organici e inorganici: un mix complesso e difficile da eliminare con i classici detergenti in commercio.

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car interiors cleaning

elimination of bad odours

compatibility with delicate materials

finish on leather and plastic

no streaks and residues

interior cleaner purifier

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Interior Cleaner Purifier is a safe and effective car interior cleaner: it penetrates dirt and dissolves it without leaving streaks. It has passed the severe virucidal tests • UNI EN 14476 and severe bactericidal tests • UNI EN 1276 • UNI EN 1369.

Odor Stop technology that instantly neutralizes unpleasant odors.

The product has passed the stringent international tests of virucidal and bactericidal activity carried out in independent external laboratories accredited ISO 17025:2005.


As we have seen, it is essential to remove coarse dirt and dust present on seats, rugs and carpets, by carefully vacuuming, even in the most hidden points, to avoid the formation of halos during the drying phase.

Method of use

To proceed with the cleaning you will need:

Some microfiber cloths, dry and clean for cleaning

A soft, damp microfiber cloth for finishing

A brush and a soft bristle brush

A graduated bottle to obtain the desired dilution

Before starting the cleaning of the interior, we advise you to remove personal effects from pockets and glove boxes, without forgetting the less visible points, such as under the front seats or in the trunk.
It will be easier and faster to proceed with the subsequent cleaning steps.

We then proceed with the careful vacuuming of the surfaces: the dust, especially the fine dust that settles between the fibers of seats, rugs and carpets or is the major cause of the formation of halos during the drying phase.

Interior Cleaner Purifier is a real Interior APC, which can be used in different dilutions:
For ordinary cleaning, we recommend a 1: 3 dilution (1 part of product and 3 parts of water)

Dispense the product onto a dry and clean microfiber cloth and proceed with cleaning all the surfaces of the passenger compartment.

You will get the triple cleansing, sanitizing and anti-odor action. Finally, finish perfectly with a soft, damp microfiber cloth.

It can be used safely on any internal component: it does not discolour or fade any material while preserving the original finish of fabrics and plastics.
It does not stress the fibers, but it softens them. Revives the colors and does not dehydrate the leather

Its safe use makes it the perfect product for modern cars where combinations of different materials such as leather, microfiber, aluminum and carbon are frequent.

For cleaning on medium-sized dirt, such as that found on the lower parts of the passenger compartment (rugs, carpet, door sills) or after intensive or prolonged use of the car, for example after a vacation, we recommend diluting the product 1: 1 (1 part of product and 1 part of water). 

In the presence of medium or heavily anchored dirt, spray the product evenly on the surface and work it with a soft bristle brush until foam is formed. Finally, wipe it off with a soft, damp microfiber cloth for removing the product and finally dry the surface with a second clean, dry microfiber cloth

For extraordinary cleaning or difficult dirt: use the product pure.

You can work Interior Cleaner Purifier in three different ways on the surface to be treated:

Using a brush with soft bristles, to obtain an easily workable foam, ideal on difficult to reach or delicate points, such as seams and embroidery.

Using trigger foam, to dispense the product directly into the foam and work it with a soft bristle brush, for localized action and easy processing even on vertical surfaces.

Directly by spraying the product on the surface

Regardless of the method chosen, finish the treated surface with a dry and clean microfiber cloth to remove any dirt that the cleaner has loosened from the surface.
To obtain a thoroughly clean and sanitized surface.

For a deep cleaning on stubborn dirt, such as what we can find on a child seat, perhaps with a clear coating that brings out stains and marks, use the pure product.

As a preliminary operation we vacuum dust and solid residues from the interstices, between the folds and the processing of the coating.
Dispense the product directly on the surface and work it with a soft bristle brush,
finishing with a soft microfiber cloth.

Interior Cleaner Purifier permanently eliminates difficult mixed dirt such as stains that incorporate organic and inorganic residues: a complex and difficult mix to eliminate with the classic detergents on the market and its Odor Stop technology effectively eliminates bad odors.
Bacteria are the source and cause of the bad smells that we all fear:
Interior Cleaner Purifier, thanks to its virucidal and bactericidal activity, eliminates them effectively
thus removing the root of the problem.

By eliminating bacteria, we will also eliminate bad smells.

P102 Keep out of reach of children.
H412 Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.
P273 Avoid release to the environment.
P501 Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local/regional/national/international regulations.

interior cleaner purifier

Price: 12,65€

secure payments

free shipping

For purchases equal to or greater than 79,90 €
otherwise the shipping cost is 6,50 €

video tutorial

In these videos, our Trainer will help you step by step to learn about all the features and applications of our products, to keep you updated on the rules to follow for have a perfect car and make the most of the potential of Maniac Line.

Helpful tips for washing the interior

  • Empty the car

    Empty all items and personal belongings from inside the car and put them aside in a bag.

  • Move on to the mats

    Take the mats out of the car and vacuum and clean or wash them.

  • Seats and trunk

    Thoroughly vacuum the seats and trunk, while paying attention to all the less accessible areas where dirt and dust deposit.

  • Use specific cleaners and cloths

    Clean the different materials with a specific cleaner and soft, clean microfibre cloths.

  • End with the windows

    Always use a specific product and two microfibre cloths to clean the windows, one to clean the surface and remove dirt and the other to finish and prevent marks from forming.

Questions & Answers

Remove your personal items from door storage and glove compartment: this will allow you to reach the entire interior without missing any spots. Hoover the mats, carpets, seats, glove compartment and boot carefully: by thoroughly hoovering the surface, you can remove thick dirt and limit the amount of dust or organic residue present.

By hoovering thoroughly and applying the product over the entire surface evenly and not only where there is dirt.

The product can also be used every day for a quick and effective clean and sanitisation of materials without damaging the surfaces.

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interior cleaner purifier

Price: 12,65€

secure payments

free shipping

For purchases equal to or greater than 79,90 €
otherwise the shipping cost is 6,50 €

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